Lastest Update:
-Earth map updated
-New Graphic Design (Basic)
-HBTC and God Chamber are now updated 
   -NPCs to train with.
   -A server of only 3 Players [Less lag].
   -Limitations are now active on the HBTC.
-All Servers are up-to-date
-Kaioken Drain fixed on all Servers

List of Fixes:
  -Half Saiyan: can now see the great ape form
  -Half Saiyan: Mystic form aura updated with the lighting effects
  -Half Saiyan: you can now see the grade forms with the correct mastery percentage
  -Namekians and Bio passives fixed
  -Metal Arcosian UI fixed
  -Mobile can now see the emote button
  -Omega Volcano stuck glitch patched
  -DBS or DBZ Broly forms  showing pupils is fixed
  -Mira genetics can now see the demon god forms


There are currently no running experiences.