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Update: v0.4.0
-The "Closet Menu" is revamped, and easy to use.
-4 new outfits
     -2 from Goku as a mentor
     -2 from Vegeta as a mentor
-God Chamber is added
    -Talk to Whis at Beerus World[Not Earth]
    -You need to be level 250 or above to enter
    -You also need to start a party, to train with your party members in the God Chamber
          -There is no dummies
-Full Power Super Saiyan 4 is added
      -3 full ki bars
      -Unlock Super Saiyan 4 to unlock the full power
-Golden Metal Arcosian added

Old Update v0.3.9 
-If your in a party, and your about to host a quest, it will teleport you and your party members to complete the quest together.

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