[Update!] In this game, you can check when someone was last online - the exact date and time. Simply CHAT their username (the system isn't case sensitive), CLICK on the red block, and the information will appear at the bottom of the big block. This will show the info using the 12-hour clock.
However, please be informed that the info is based on Central Time (USA) & you can convert it to other time zones (some others are listed nearby).

*1-Player Servers*

Game FAQ (updated August 8th):

In early 2017, for unknown reasons, the last online info, originally on the player search page, was removed.

• NOTE: In the unlikely event that the info isn't showing, it would be due to API issues I cannot control, but it is usually fixed fast by itself. •

This place is the first Last Online Checker game created. If there are any suggestions/concerns/issues, send me a PM. Thank you!

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