The update has been reverted. Sorry about the data everyone. The umbrella will be coming back soon. If your data is still gone, post in the group and I will help you!

Welcome to the Weapons update (pt.1)! 🎉

The Umbrella has been added to the game: 
-Float around the map with the new Umbrella! ☂️
-Players can now decide which team they want to join 🏃
-The Mop has a new ability! 🧹

Many of the bugs have also been fixed!

Choose from 36 different colors, and color as many cubes as you can! 🎨 Various gamemodes, many maps, unique weapons, and a ton of pets to hatch, along with over 40 different rare pet effects to discover 🔥

If you find any bugs, or have any gamemode or weapon ideas, DM me!

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