🌟 The EXOTIC CAR PACK has just been released! Get 3 of the best cars in the game - the Blitzer, Electron, and SuperVelocita - all in one pack! 
🎁 We also added a new Starter Pack! Get an exclusive vehicle, a free house and furniture collection, and 2,500 Credits, all at a huge discount! This special deal is available to everyone for a limited time only.

(Side note: The "Exotix" car has been renamed to the "Luxurioux" to avoid it being confused with the Exotic Car Pack)

Welcome to Roblox High School 2! Enter a brand new school where you can play minigames to boost your grade. Meet new friends, explore a new map filled with secrets, customize your avatar, and enjoy lots of popular new features added to the game!

Developed by Cinder Studio

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