[ A Roblox update has broken all of the Systems in the game. ]

Lumber Adventure of it's a whole life for, new happiness that is appearing from the finding new things.
And incoming adventures, feeling the in a how future is bright. 

Ongoing world with the discoveries in a various tryings. 
Absorb the ability of in a between each's differential that could like to been heaven felt within yours. 

!! Warning !! 
Reset your character will break the tycoon, and you should rejoin the server! 

November 23th Update:
 - Crates, you earn a special points when you touch a crate
 - Checked the Stat Menu
 - The bug that the a few buttons don't fade away when you hit those even when you have required money amounts has been fixed
 - Some buttons costs got lower
 - Some buttons costs got higher

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