You can now buy swords at Android 17 using Zenis!
PVE: Now you can disable Player vs Player or enable it on the Custom page.
Now Multiverse No Limit gamepass works here as a Limit Breaker (form included, it increases the max in 4 million), On the next updates the crossover gamepass will work too. Link:

Hover the mouse over on the left side of the screen above the Health/Energy Bars to show the buttons.
I am currently busy with school, Updates will take longer to come, hope you understand.
Controls: V: Eat Senzu Bean, B: Transform, R: Ki Blast (Holding R makes you spam ki blasts), Q and E: Combat, T: Defense, Y: Ki Blade, Z: Hide Aura, X: Mastering, C: Charge, F: Block, L: Lock On.

A Game being developed by LordJ1nu with collaboration from SoulZeno.

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