youtubers warning: this game will disappoint you lol

!WARNING! Fake shirts are being sold. Our official shirts are only sold in the group link below. Buying these fake shirts will NOT support us!

What do you do in this game? Well. All you do is: wait for your stop. create by nobel 4j anb d steven!

neccessary credits
credit to steven73598233 for airhorn
credit to egomoose for simon says
Can't play Bus Simulator due to lag? Try this version...

Question: Why is holding E so slow / why can't i use things quickly? 
Answer: When you are running at a lower quality level (including Automatic) I try to run scripts at a lower speed to conserve performance. 

Question: Is this game canon to BSS? 
Answer: i think lol 

Threat: stop copying steven ima sue u 
Response: no

~Record for overall server time: 24 Hours guys stop this isnt healthy 
~efeuc is the best driver

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