⚠️ This game contains flashing lights. Tread w/ caution if you have epilepsy!
⚠️ Youtubers! You should mute the music in this game. The mute button's in the bottom left corner, it should cover most cases.
⚠️ Fake shirts are being sold. Our official shirts are only sold in the group below. Buying these fake shirts WON'T support us!

What do you do in this game? Well. All you do is: wait for your stop. created by noble 4j n' steven!
Airhorn by Steven_Scripts
Simon Says by EgoMoose
Autorank by RocketApps
LiveCharacter by nurokoi
more in the fanart room
This game is probably canon to Bus Stop Simulator

Some chat commands you might not know:
!color - change minibus color
!lcolor - left airpod
!rcolor - right airpod
!anim - change sit animation
!cmds - for use in vip servers only
!setheart - change heart color

~Record for overall server time: 200 Hours...
~efeuc is the best driver ❤️ 

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