In this innovative game, travel with Elora, a Princess on a mission to save her Prince from an evil wizard! Along the way, use her magical powers to restore the orientation of objects in the world after the wizard sent everything into a topsty turvey mess! 

What will you find on your quest? Will Elora find her prince? Or something else? 

Credits: Building/Designing - Sparklings, Bonna and Mimi 
Scripting - Bonna and Darthchadius 
Voice Acting (Elora) - Mimi 
Voice Acting (Phisique Altarian) - Sparklings 
Music - Bonna 
Artwork - Mimi 

This game won bronze in the 2018 Game Jam (RDC US). It is a small demo style presentation of a larger game concept. It is semi-functional.


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