Welcome to Deadly Sins Retribution! In this world, you can learn Magic, fight Enemies, and Master your Sins!

Code: easter (12 spins each)

    Click to use Combat (Punch/Slash)
    Q + W/A/S/D to Dash in direction of the key (Mouse lock is recommended)
    R to Block
    Ctrl/Control to Run
    E to Equip Weapon from the waist
    F to Interact with objects/non-hostile NPCs
    M to Open Menu

Update Notes:
- Istar (BUFFED)
- Level Cap Raised to 250
- Code (vaizel)
- Christmas Magic
- Winter World (Lvl 75 Required)
   - 3 Quests in there (Only 1 of the 3 gives candy)
- 2 New Winter Weapons
- 2 New Winter Armors
- Winter Candy Currency



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