Thumbs up 👍 = more updates!
Meanwhile, Updates = Shutdowns 

*If you experience lag in the game, lower the graphics to 1
* ANTI-SPAM ACTIVATED, If you spam, you will have your chat box removed. 

We have stopped hiring admins. Asking for Admin will result in a Kick, or a Ban.

* Your account needs to be 20 days old to join the game.

Join our Group to earn the "Fan" rank, and has a chance to become our Roleplayer 

+ Locations and characters from the original FNAF franchise.
+ HD Morphs made by our finest artists. (Full-body, unlike most half-body morphs of other games. YES, OUR MORPHS HAVE LEGS)

 * All the Arts and some models In the game belongs to their respective owners. 

Myracle44: Her arts. 
Lulu999: Her arts.
AuKun, Fortunatemaster741: Their decals.
Ezert_MetaReta,KindAwesomeGirl225: Their buildings.

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