pls do not inject ANYTHING into the game, we are not responsible on what could happen pls

To experience less lag with the blood set the limiter to 700 or over. despawn time can be decreased if you wish.


game icon by airboit, some buildings with the help of eggrenziboi, OLD models by intelligentmath and Zippratic, old bloody models by xSOMEMONG, game name idea by danie lking (its tagged) animations n coding by solid caliber.

+ game will auto update every april one, this update lasts a single day.
+ game will auto update on december, this update lasts the whole month.
+ the game got rewriten the past month, theres nothing else to mess with.

 +Drag: LMB,E
+ Shield: Q,E
 +Melees:LMB (hold lmb to prepare attack)
 +Shovel:LMB,E click E once
+ FLAMETHROWER: equip the flamethrower along the gas tank

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