This game is being remaked.
Old update: 
Action Tool : when someone have low health or you found a corpse, put your cursor at it and press T, and you will grab it. if that doesn't work, you have to get closer and try.
  -guns: E to pump the shotgun, and move the AWP's trigger 
Inspired in: ATW, (A typical world) (ik both are very different games) and others game that maybe aren't in roblox like: postal,gmod,hotline miami, etc 
Game name by: DanielTheKing45
New game icon by: air boit 
Thumbnails : tatehira1215,EternalAlternate,Exolous,Zippratic,ChrisTheClurk,elpis14
 Helpers: Egg_RenziBoi,danthespam,Gostrondude,IntelligentMath, theonlymodcandothis,kal _ v,monchaso,NotSoJohnx, I've forgot some names ;(

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