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Version 1.1.9:
 +Added Tablet support! [DEMO]
 +Added King Crab II [MAP]
 +Added Wipeout [MAP]
 +Added Mini Crab [MOUNT]
 +Added Parasol [EVENT WEAPON]
 +Added Penguin Swimring [EVENT ARMOR]
 +Added Blueberry Splush [EVENT ITEM]
 +Added Raspberry Splush [EVENT ITEM]
 +Added Jetpack [ITEM]
  only available in VIP servers
 +Added Crabmine [EVENT ITEM]
 +Added Rush to Ticker
  double tap W to Rush
 +Added Summer version of Kingstreet
  thanks to BelowNatural
 +Added 'Cinematic Tags' to Settings
  disable healthbars in Cinematic-Mode
 +Added NEW Console window
  say /console to open
  on iPad, doubletap top-right corner
 ^Select spawn in TDM
  walk over CLAIMED flagbase to set it as spawnpoint
 ^Increased Edgar tounge speed from 120 -> 210
 ^Optimized survivor loading
 ^Relocate now uses all mob spawns
...MUCH much more

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