🔥 Welcome to Anthro Justice Simulator! 🔥

With the new beautiful body type that Roblox has just released, you may be able to hangout with your friends and bring some cringy fortnite dance moves!

⭐Recently Added:

Moreoever, you can see your favorite YouTuber in the weird body doing orange justice dance! But! There is a robux goal for every YouTuber.

-DfieldMark (4.8kR$)
-DenisDaily (5.7k R$)
-InquisitorMaster (6k R$)
-ItsFunneh (9k R$)
-AlbertStuff (15k R$)
-Shedletsky(20k R$)

-Remainings (750 Thumbs Up)
-Kasodus (1k Thumbs Up)

You must go near the theater stand and drop +10 R$ for your contribution, it's very appreciated and these YouTubers will be added!

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