This is the Official Aaron Talks Headquarters. 

*Some devices may not be able to handle this game*

(1) The Fire Alarms are not a toy and are not to be played with, falsely triggering the alarm will be followed by a Temporary or Permanent Ban!
(2) If you are given the Privilege of having Admin, the following commands are BANNED from being used...(Explode, Nuke, Noclip, gear, and Btools)
(3) HR's reserve the right to kick, ban, and/or punish people as they see fit (being reasonable). If you believe that an HR is abusing their admin please message me (Wyatt7879).
(4)DO NOT ASK FOR ADMIN, RANK UPS, OR AN OFFICE! (Doing so will lessen your chances of receiving any.)
(5)Do not obstruct any vehicles.

AaronTalks® ID Code: 72847787


There are currently no running experiences.