Normal Mode: 10 defenders, 15 raiders
Easy Mode: 10 defenders, 20 raiders

The sewer gate route has been closed until the actual gate can be added back in accordance with the original vote.

Requirements of Easy Mode:
You may only raid with easy mode enabled if your raiding force is not considered a powerclan or an elite division of your clan. Easy mode is intended to allow for the average clan member to have a better chance at Maersk. Captains+ of the Empire can activate easy mode. Starting easy mode and substituting members out for elites afterwards is considered a breach of the terms of easy mode and the raid will be nullified.

You can be banned for: 
Being on an alternate account
Being on a shared account
Being in a banned group
Uniform Raiding
Extreme toxicity/flaming

Private Servers


This game does not support Private Servers.


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