@Dev_Dudes - Development posts & retweets
@DrElyeuss - Gun & Gear posts (not game or modelling related)
@BusyCityGuy - Coding but better
@SimplyRekt - Coding
@midknightmare - Coding
@foggierleek - Vehicle Modelling
@MBSniper1 - Gun Modelling
@Vhippys - Prop modeling
Please report any bugs to our Server or @Dev_Dudes.

We are working hard on transitioning this project over to Alpha so please give our small Dev team some time and patience. 

Come test in the Pre-Alpha & Alpha Framework!

Deadzone Remade will be handled by Elyeuss & Reyne. Each feature SOA receives, DZR will also receive accordingly. This project will not hinder SOA's progress, and will eventually be it's own separate game.

This game is inspired by Escape from Tarkov, Shadow of Chernobyl, Fallout Series, WarZ/Aftermath, Metro 2033, & Deadzone Remade.

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This game does not support Private Servers.


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