The current objectives are Looting, Shooting, & Exploration.
Loot does not save yet.

(Important Controls)
Equipping Weapons: 1, 2, & 3
Inventory: Left Tab
Looting: F & Scrollwheel
Forced Reset: Press ] Twice
Weapon Modding: T
Headgear (NVGs or Thermal): N
Reload: R
Unload: U
Firemode: V
Aim: Right Click / Z

(Other Controls)
Headlamp: Y
Variable Zoom: Scrollwheel + Right Click
Leaning: Q & E
Blind Fire: Left Control & Left Alt
Rangefinder: Left Alt
Enable/Disable Chat: 3 Dots Top Left of Screen
Enable/Disable Server Text & Compass: P
Slow Walk: Arrow Keys (Temporary)
Weapon Inspect: H
Black Screen Borders: =


There are currently no running experiences.