Welcome to Game Dev Tycoon!
Hire staff, Develop games, Design your very own studio in Game Dev Tycoon, and climb to the top of the gaming industry!
I am slowly developing this into a functional game, but still have a long ways to go before I consider it done. The objective now is to have players test the game as the grows and help provide feedback and suggestions.

Expect things not to work, things to be changed, reset, data to be wiped, and whatever else during alpha.

You can currently hire/fire staff, develop games, debug them, sell them, build bases (Very broken however, will be developed as time passes).

Lots of features are to be added such as
Player/Npc leveling (Half-way added)
Better walls/floors/ceilings, and lots of decor items
Happiness, mood, etc for npcs, decor items boost these stats
Random game stat bonuses
Unlock system for genres/types/consoles
Leaderboards, achievements, badges
Much more!


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