I've finally gotten around to remaking this place, expect a playable version very soon! Currently free, but will be paid-access for early testing once save files are in (so no whining when i have to wipe saves, fair warning!), so enjoy it now! Er.... Enjoy it shortly, rather!

- Random testing stuff in atm! Block breaking, inventory (hit R), right-click to split stacks or put down one of an item. Click people to smack 'em around with whatever's on-hand. Crafting system is in the game and working! Just place up to three ingredients in the slots and hit the button! 
- Craft logs to get wood, wood to get sticks. Sticks and log make a hammer, sticks and plank make an axe. Two stones makes sharp stone. Sharp stone and a stick makes an axe. Stone and a stick makes a hammer. 
- You can get saplings from leaves, and they grow when planted! (They don't fall if you pull the dirt out from beneath them yet.)
- Go crazy, have fun and let me know if you manage to break something.

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