Controls: Left click to fire, Shift to run, R to recharge, M for menu. The orangish pads on the floor heal you and refill your energy. They don't work when they are tan. 

Current Version: 0.11a
-Introduced versions :P
-Modified the laser gun's ammo system
-Added a map in the spawn rooms
-Fixed charging pads
-Removed spawn forcefields
-Fixed a bug that allowed you to fire faster by spamming the mouse

This version is rather stable, but rather unfinished. You can play it alright, but there are a few essential things that need to be done. These include but are not limited to:
Make a custom leaderboard
Finishing the lobby (Which is in progress)
Making more maps
Making rounds
Making gamemodes
Making a spectator mode
And more!

So If you are so bored that you want to play this unfinished game that nobody else plays, or if you want to check out my progress, this version shouldn't freeze roblox. If it does, message me.

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