New updates coming very soon!!

02/02/2019 - Massive changes to the core recoil and sway system. Optimized CPU usage and made the sway and recoil much smoother.

01/24/2019 - You can now throw grenades further, and their physics have been fixed. Village has been removed from map rotation until it can be fixed.

01/21/2019 - Decreased lag some more, fixed some bugs, buffed almost all the shotguns.

01/20/2019 - The banlists have been cleared, giving all banned users a second chance. Don't screw it up!

01/19/2019 - Added new AR; MT4!

01/17/2019 - Added more attachments, the stats window now shows stats changed by attachments.Lowered the Headshots challenge to 50, the win games challenge to 3, and lowered the required level for Gold, Diamond, and Magma camo.

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