MRePotatoes, OfflineRico, JplayHD, and Roberto are now the new devs of Emote Dances (This means Ranked and I are not developing the game anymore (so it's pretty much discontinuation from our end))

The Animations I made were 100% Keyframed using an IK Rig 
This game isn't solely a "Fortnite" game. It just has a lot of Fortnite emotes, but I like making other dances too.

Twitter: @DancesEmote   (ya idk)

MRePotatoes - Programmer
OfflineRico - Builder
SergeantRoberto - Builder
JplayHD - Animator
ZerkomisticDynamic - Animator

References - Epic Games 
Redone Animations - Falosaur / -Falco- 
Builder and Icons - RankedRecon 
Being Cool - Rekalu/ Rekalulous 
Contributor - YourPalPolly 
Contributor - izaned 

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