🔥 Welcome to Elemental Dragons Tycoon! 🐉

🌟 Each Tycoon floor features a different element! 🐉

βš”οΈ Use the elemental themed weapons and gear to defend your tycoon from other players and bosses, or team up and explore! βš”οΈ

🌟 Tycoon saves when you leave, come back later and resume your progress! 🌟

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🐉 Current Update: Poison Floor

Previous Updates: 

βš™οΈ >Metal Floor!

🧙 >Magic Floor!

👻 > Spirit Floor, new bosses and winter map!

🌲 > Nature themed floor! Brand new map layout and cave redesign!

β›ˆοΈ > The Thunder Isle update! Complete the Thunder Isle to unlock many themed weapons and a new dragon morph!

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