Broken by ROBLOX. The overall game mechanics are extremely buggy and I've decided to stop working on it. This was my first scripted game so it was really just a learning experience. I have made it so you can spawn in and explore the map, but I have disabled everything else. 

Based off the "Silence in the library" episode of Doctor Who.

In the episode the doctor takes a trip to a planet-sized library that was once one of a kind until it became abandoned. Thousands of people just disappeared and the doctor wanted to find out why.
He is met by a group of archaeologists that can be explained if you watch the show and together they uncover the secrets of the library.
The Vashta Nerada are known as the 'piranhas of the air'. They feed on flesh and live in trees, or in this case, books. They travel in swarms, and you have the chance to become one, and hunt your way to victory.

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