Game Inspired by the anime : Nanatsu No Taizai

Update : 
Bug fixes
Added Explosion magic
Added Counter magic (3 moves , full counter , revenge counter, counter vanish)
ALSO added demon wings and buffed demon and goddess damage , added a bit of cd to fairy stun

(Shutdown = update) 

 (This game is in Alpha phase please expect bugs and report all bugs to the bug channel located in the chat , and ofcourse enjoy the game :P )

 Basic Controls below: 
Left Click = Punch 
R = Guard Block 
Double Tap WASD = Dashing 
M = Menu 
Double Tap Space = Double Jump 
Click ctrl to toggle sprint 
G = Sheathe/Unsheathe weapon.
F= interact with interactables and quest npcs.
Q to turn your form on.
E to fly.
J to use Balor's eye

All Game Rights reserved to CelestialTimmy.

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