What's New?
	* Manager can now fire(kick) players who are consistently performing their jobs incorrectly
	* New Rat morph. Grab nearby objects with your mouth
	* Changed to summer season
	* Manager menus have been updates to the new style
	* Dogs can now drag tripped/ragdolled players
	* New morph menu
	* Morph menu can now be accessed from the settings menu
	* You can now morph back into a human from the morph menu
	* Fixed xbox bug that prevented players from scrolling
	* Fixed bug that caused custom outfits not to load
	* chat messages show your display name instead of username
	* New mouse hole has appeared near the managers office. What could be inside?

🤝Work as a team to fulfill food orders.
🏠Use your work earnings to upgrade your house and buy furniture.

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PREMIUM benefits: Unlocks 20+ emotes for R15 characters


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