NOTE: Due to the immense amount of parts within this game, you will experience low fps (especially if you're on a low-end computer). Turn your graphics down or make your in-game window smaller until the lag is reduced. Update logs can be viewed in-game by typing in "/logs" into the chat or by checking out SkySpell's Blog (skyspellgames).


This isn't a game, it's more of a showcase-hangout-roleplay place. There's no objectives and you're free to explore around & vibe

Click around stuff to interact with them. Some stuff play audio, while others give tools.

The city of this game is based off of the Backstreets from the PS4 game Persona 5. It's not a 100% recreation because I've added things to it to make the game unique instead of it just being Persona 5 But In Roblox

Everything in the game was built by me, and almost everything was scripted by SkySpell. Credits to tbouy for his admin script.

Follow @KasodusRBLX and @SkyySpell for information on future updates!


There are currently no running experiences.