I do not own any of the Five Nights at Freddy's related Items in this game and all credit goes to Scott Cawthon.

Welcome to Five Nights at Freddy's RPG 3.
This Game is purposely for Roleplaying and not so scary in any way.

Fan of this game? 

The way to solve you're problem in TP'ing to the OC Room is probably jumping quickly before you tp to the OC Room.

You guys said it, and want it so...
There will be a room added to the OC Room for Nightguards, coming soon.

What's next?
-I don't know but probably something
-FNaF2 Cameras
-Finishing the FNaF2 Game Area
Many more.

19:00:00 = 12 AM
6:00:00 = 6 AM

If you wanna ask questions, PM me or 1x1xblox.
Any NameGui Bugs, PM 1x-.
Any Game Bugs, PM Me.

PM me some good ideas and there might be a SLIGHT chance it can get published. :3



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