Please point out any suggestions by private messaging me. 
Note: I am NOT selling/giving away the raycast weapons just yet. They DO NOT work online when there are more than one player in a room.

Uniforms: TipCrowe & CloseEncounter
Hats: ColdTRUSTe, Jay520, HatHelper, Bobcat23, Solidsnake43, Loki12325, superdimensionmaster, slowwarrior, JSWIZZify, Earnhardtjr88, kewlmaiaII, ForgotTheFood, zorg626, kwpokemon123, SuperZ590, chris819t, cyberman969, jerrylee22, assassin820, pizzavis and Wakkapower
Camos: ThePyramid, Vesk, GeneralBoom and isolidsnake
Guns: manofthelol, alextomcool, Xilver101, Hardwarepat, slacksta, Gunnery101, Blaze0118, Jays520, mike3128, ownyou9, PBnJsandwich and last but not least, ManiacMonkey865.
Targets: joff19, xilver101 and funnyguydude13

Controls: Click to shoot, 'r' to reload, 'c' to crouch, 'v' to prone, 'e' to ceasefire, 't' to sprint, 'f' to cycle through firing modes, 'y' to put on/ take off suppressor, 'z' to switch flashlight on/off, 'x'

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