This game is based on Noragami: level up, kill phantoms, find Regalias and become the strongest god.

Shutdown = Update / Bug Fix

Recent Updates:
A water styled Regalia - Hiki
A fire styled Regalia - Tsuhu
A wind styled Regalia - FujIki

All of these elementals have a passive protection against regular basic attacks, how ever, can be hurt by other elementals.

-> Q : Punch and Train
-> T : Block
-> Double tap w or s : Dash forwards and backwards 
-> E and R : Dash right or Dash left 
-> V : Teleport (Distance increased with spirit, spirit also increases Regalia attack damage)
-> CTRL to run
With Regalia:
-> Z - First Move
-> X - Second Move
-> C - Blessed Transformation (NOT ADDED YET)
-> B - Banish Regalia

All extra movement cooldowns shortens the more speed you are, and exclusively for dashing, the more strength you have, the further you go.


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