Update: new characters ! And the new brick foxy!
Coming soon: 
But an update I might release is scary pop up on death (Definitely a foxy pop up) so don't worry about it

play my other games

Trysirdrakul's Five nights at freddys game
Roleplay <3

I almost completely changed this game and made it better.

15,000 VISITS!? Amazing!
Any Shutdowns = UPDATE

MAJOR update event is here!!

This game was made for roleplaying, don't complain about "OMG!! THERE'S NO ANIMATRONICS! EW" I've been hearing that lately, and it's been getting annoying.
Foxy may glitch every one in a while.
You have played roblox for 10 days or longer to play. If you are a guest/very new to Roblox,the game will kick you out.
All Credit goes to Octik,I bought the game from him.
Roleplay Planning:
I roleplay Homestuck and FNaF
Want a RP? PM me.
No double characters
Romance RPs are allowed,but keep it 13 year old and under.
Don't Hack


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