NOTE: Some features are disabled after a Roblox update that they have yet to provide a solution for. Due to personal circumstances, I will no longer be doing frequent content updates.

*NOTE* CONTAINS FLASHING LIGHTS. This is a rhythm game. Please play with audio.

How to play?
Inspired by Beat Saber. Just hit the cubes with your saber by moving your mouse.

Recent Updates
- Improved color gamepass features
- Brought back some tabs
- You can now replace a map's song ID
- why do something be diff
- Responded to Roblox audio issues.
- Changed hit sounds
- Hot tab added
- Holiday event
More updates in community server

Please don't go to my friends' groups or DMs. Message my directly  through Roblox or the community server. DONT play in VR. You might accidentally buy a gamepass.

The auto-generated songs are awkward at times. You can use the slider to manually help the mapping and change difficulty.


There are currently no running experiences.