THANK YOU FOR 1M VISITS -  New Dizzy server!

*NOTE* CONTAINS FLASHING LIGHTS. This is a rhythm game. Please play with audio.
This is an alpha build. If you would like to see the finished version, please like the game to show support.

How to play?
Just like Beat Saber. Just hit the cubes with your saber by moving your mouse.

Recent Updates
- GUI now shows song progress
- Dynamic Lighting Effects
- Transparent notes
-Player made maps show the creators name and number of favorites
- Accuracy display shows tenths
- Click anywhere when song playing to place note (editor)
More in Dizzy server

Due to the fact that this is still in early development, there may be bugs. Please message me about any bugs or issues. Message only through Roblox DMs or the games Dizzy server. Please don't go to my friends' groups or DMs.

The auto-generated songs are awkward at times. You can use the slider to manually help the mapping and change difficulty.

Private Servers


This game does not support Private Servers.


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