Gather an army of cute pets to help you sift through the sand for awesome treasure. Don't forget to leave a thumbs up!

Have fun exploring with your friends in Beach Simulator!

UPDATE JULY 14, 2018

- Jackhammers! These tools will sift through the sand SUPER fast!
- Pulse detectors! These tools can detect treasure in many surrounding blocks, instead of just a single one
- New backpacks! Store more stuff in these.
- Penguins! A cute new array of pets to add to your army!
- New badges! Earn lots of cool badges to show your progress to friends.
- NPCs are now much more lively

Follow @biostreem on twitter for game news and updates. Biostream - Scripting and game design
Vince1237 - Map and assets
theloudscream - Renders and images
Bethink, Crykee - Thumbnail and icon
Turgon - Animations
caromuns - Music


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