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Hotkeys: "Shift+P - Toggle Phone", "F - Toggle Gates", "Shift - Open Car Door" [if owner of car], "C - Close All Car Doors", "X - Lock Car [hold to set alarm]", "L - Headlights" [hold to enable ELS], "H - Horn" [hold to enable siren], "Z - Flip Car", "Alt/Ctrl - Sprint/Nitro", "Shift+B - Bulletproof Vest". Commands: "team [team name]", "spawn vehicle" [while facing an unobstructed space], "imprison [name] [release date]" [date format: 00/00/0000], "interrogate [name]", "reason [arrest reason]" [after arresting someone], "chat enable", "chat disable", "name hide", "name show", "shirt [id]", "pants [id]".

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