Welcome to Cafe Kitchen, a game about making stuff.

Recent update added:
1. Cool new smoke effect for the boiler! :D
2. Cool sound effect for oven! (Sometimes it may not work due to a bug. I will try to fix it later).
3. 2 new frostings for cookies: Cherry and lemon.
4. Added ceiling to the map so that players can't escape the kitchen. MUAHHAHAHHA >:) Jk.
5. Made a lot of texts more visible for users to read.
6. Added Chocolate milk!
7. Hot chocolate is now possible to make with water!
8. New ranking system: special people get a special rank. Players who met xoKenny in this game will morelikely get a special rank! ;)
9. New secret recipe!: Fruity Equinox Cookie (think you know how to make it?) 
10. Removed Tapioca. Will replace with different spice later on.

NOTE!: Everything here is made by me except for the cups and the cup animations. Please do not criticize. 
Currently a WIP.

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