THE CHALLENGE is to beat this 4x4 Obby! The object of this game is to make it through the challenge with your 4x4. How far can you make it? ### ########### 5th? 10th? or all the way? *IF YOUR TRUCK FLIPS, CHANGE CAMERA ANGLE AND CLICK THE BOTTOM OF THE 4x4*. If you lose your truck you'll have to click restart. ZOOM the camera all the way in for realistic first person 4x4 drivin action.You start off at the mudpits on your way to the junkyard, then the old mine, up the mountain, down the mountain throught the rolling green hills untill only the End or begining bridge stands in your way. Will you make it to the end. If you do get to the end, you are X-TREME! THANKS FOR PLAYING! 7 badges to prove your XTREME!


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