Home of Brandon and Jacob O'Kress.
-O'Kress History-
*Met in 2011 playing ro-baseball (Both eventually in HoF)
*Late 2011/Early 2012 starting playing scrub football. Together won 2 championships, and held the #1 team 5 different times
*Both quit roblox for 3-4 months in late 2012
*First teamed up in EBL in 2013 on the timberwolves, making it to the WCF but losing in game 5.
*Won our first ring together on the S9 Boston Celtics
Most memorable teams:
Scrub Football: Seahawks,Virginia Tech,Boise State
EBL: Timberwolves, Grizzlies, Celtics
Baseball: Brewers,Tarheels

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