New essence added! Search for the minigame in Spooky Halloween Zone. Unlock all the Halloween creatures this month for free!

🐺Put animals in your stables to get cash. 
🗺️Explore a lot of zones to unlock more creatures! 
🐖 + 🐔 = 🦃 Fuse creatures to obtain new ones! 
👨 ❤️ 🐕 Use your creatures as a pet, each with awesome skills like double jump or hover. 

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Jurassic Frontier teleport fossil by DInoboy
ingame icons by game-icons 
Hamster icon by Máté from the Noun Project 
Catfish by Laymik from the Noun Project
fan-art contest winners: 
Night Seeker design by PerfectgaminggirlH1 
Zebrabbit design by 0000benja 
Alpacasaurus design by SweetTart91 

Tags: #Fun, #Obby, #Tycoon, #Pets, #Puzzle, #Hats, #Boss, #Adventure

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