Someone dislike botted the game, smh..

Fix: Blurry screen should be fixed

There isn't many things to do yet, as this game is still a Work in Progress🛠

👍Leave a Like to motivate us to add: 
- Phoenix, Magma, Buddha
- Crews
- Marines & Jailing
- Bounty Hunting!
- Island Capturing!

Servers will shutdown every 10 hours to clear server lag

▪️ Level cap is 550! 
▪️ Everyone will have the same base health, regardless of level! 
▪️ As a skill based game, you must use your combos and skill to win! 
▪️ There are hidden haki/roku masters and sword sellers across the world.

Rare: Quake, Light, Flame, Electricity, Ice 
Basic: Heal, Teleport, Sprint, Invisibility 

Programmer: Don📜 
World Builder, Side Programmer and Gui Designer: FreeTimeDev 🔨 
He only did particles, game design, funded the project, supplied the animations, meshes, GFX thumbnails, manage the team: lncurr 
Arlong park, colosseum, some buildings: Ehcode

Fruits spawn in VIP Servers

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