Baldi's Basic's in Education and Learning Beta

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Run from Baldi in his fully interactive schoolhouse! New characters will be added soon along with the You Can Think Pad! Expect this update to come next month. . Controls: W A S D to move - Shift to run. Unfortunately there is no Console version of the game at this moment, But i'm planning to add controls for consoles soon! Bugs, Glitches, Lag, And more can be found in this game. If you find any then contact me and I will try to fix it in the next update. Note: Playtime is unfinished and the scripting is bad so that will be fixed in the next update :P The map is also unfinished. (No making crappy games in the halls) dec10 people don't understand what unfinished means. Jesus. Also this is not accurate to the map so i'm reconstructing it so just wait. Please Read: Do NOT play on console, I'm making a version for console so if you have a computer than I suggest you play on that instead. - Cafeteria added soon.
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