🔮The game of fun that’s only just begun! Unlock Keydoors, Rob Safes, Steal Coins, Chase Burglars, & Collect rare items! Join the Chase with thousands of players who play Butler Chase! 🔮 🚨Update 2.1🚨 🧪 Rent a Morph potion ### ## coins to become Boris! 🎅🏻 Holly Jolly Starter pack avaible for a limited time! (Rejoin after purchasing) 🐛Bug Fixes 📦Coming Soon: ~Redesign of games structure and player goals ~Bag Upgrade ~More Obbies ~Perks ~New Lobby Shop ~ Many more super fun features! Have Suggestions or Bugs to Report? Let me know on twitter or Imaginary Kingdoms Group Wall. ⭐️Join the group and click the follow button for News & Updates on Butler Chase.⭐️ 🛠In Open Beta, Bugs being Fixed weekly and many more updates to come. 🛠 Follow Zeustice on Twitter for Update News, Sneak Peaks, Codes, & More! Music Courtesy of APM @Zeustices - Programmer, Builder, Creative Director iiOmq_Vqnessa - Assistant Creative Director


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