Build A Robot, And Fight!

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UIP = Updates In Progress for those who asked me in PMs. ==================Data Saving================== The old saving method was very confusing to some players so I simplified it. Save 10 in all tool makers/armour makers is the Perma Save... Building your stuff using it for perma saves. Save 8-10 on Swords are all perma saves. This is a test demonstration before I add 3 saves to the other tools. ==================New Guis================== I modified some of the tool's guis and will continue to do so. The new guis are Draggable :) Enjoy! ==================Gun================== I may add a raycasting type to the guns for anyone who is interested in that! ====================================================== If you don't like the new updates... take it up with my complaint box located in that toilet over thar! Cause I will not read them. Post your ideas for my game here! Also CAC needs a new name... I was suggested Ultimate Creature, but that takes away from the

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