.:| Welcome to Teamwork Obstical Course 3! |:.
!! - NEWEST UPDATE: Version 7 - !!
The new update comes including with:
+ New VIP/Super VIP T-shirts, with new Super VIP benefits!
^ - New Super VIP Benefits include: Access to Crystal Zone and the new Special Zone without the need to obtain the badges!
+ Special Zone: Includes 3 new challenging Single Player courses. Can be accessed regularly without Super VIP if blue, red, yellow, and purple crystals have been obtained!
+ 1 new Switchball Speedrun course!
+ 4 Player Zone difficulty dramatically decreased!
+ Various bug fixes
- VIP is no longer free, however with every 100 purchases of any combination in VIP or Super VIP shirts, VIP and Special zone become free for one week!
- Dark Realms and RE: TwO have been retired back to single places.



There are currently no running experiences.