After countless hours deliberating upon what is missing, I have discovered the shocking absence of a laboratory. This is rather embarrassing, considering the name of the place is WinLab. It's in development, and I'm trying to write some scripts for some cool science effects.

Added some smaller details. Because detail is very very important.
Lab structure added; interiour to come later.
Silo added
Added a long-range ballistic missile, and an land-to-air missile.
Office 1 out of 3 is complete.
I made a garage and car. Admire my skill.
Rocket/missile silo to replace the cruddy spaceship.
Train added.
A quarter of the stasis pods now have opening and closing doors.
Most of the Control room's screens are complete.
Construction of the offices is about to commence.
Fixed a bug where the door can sometimes be activated twice, changed the archive to startup, not activation.

'Tis a small project that I've been working on for the past few weeks.

All scripts used within this ga

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