NOTICE: This game was last worked on in 2018. I'm working on porting some fixes from Farmtown (it's based on this game's codebase), but until then, some parts of the game just don't work well anymore.

In Bootleg Buccaneers, you can embrace your inner pirate. Sail the seas and explore uncharted islands, dig your way through perilous mines, and turn your hard work into riches. Hone your skills and become the best!

Please keep in mind that the game is still in alpha. There will be some bugs, but we are actively working on improving the game and its performance. Thanks for your patience! We try not to reboot servers during the day, but sometimes we really have to. This will become less frequent as time goes on and the game becomes more stable.

Be sure to join the group, Bee Smelly! When the game goes into beta, all group members will be given the Alpha Testers rank and a special in-game item!


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