👮 Welcome to Prison Escape Simulator! You find yourself trapped as a prisoner in an underground Jail, but it's time to break out! Gather your tools and backpack and dig your way through a wall to the other side! Get Tool Powers to enhance your experience!

🗝๏ธ Added Escapes & Escape Keys! 🗝๏ธ
🐞 Fixed Bugs! 🐞
💰 LIMITED TIME: Use code "Escape" for 1000 Coins! 💰

โ›๏ธ Use your tools to dig through the Prison wall! 

🗝๏ธ Buy an Escape Key to Escape & Rebirth for multipliers and more!

🥄 Upgrade from your Prison Spoon to a Missile Launcher, TNT, Golden Spork & more! 

โœจ Get Special Tool Powers from Chests! From Efficiency and Explosions on every hit, to Money Multipliers and Mining an Entire Wall!
Follow @SubZeroExtabyte and @Sk3tchYT for FREE Chest CODES & More!

Created by @SubZeroExtabyte
Scripting by Zarkrius#9741

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